Azaleodendrons are a group of hybrids between Deciduous Azaleas and Evergreen Rhododendrons. They are rarely offered elsewhere, but are generally fully hardy semi-evergreen shrubs which flower in late Spring and early Summer, sometimes delightfully scented. Azaleodendrons are quite variable, with some looking fairly evergreen, and others nearly deciduous in winter.

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Azaleodendron GowenianumAzaleodendron Gowenianum
Azaleodendron Gowenianum
This rare hybrid between a rhododendron and a deciduous azalea dates from before 1825. Strongly scented light purple star shaped flowers appear in early June. The leaves are usually evergreen during most winters. Height 120cm in 10 years. Recommended for pretty scented flowers. Easy to grow. Group: Azaleodendron. Parentage: periclymenoides or viscosum (s) X catawbiense x ponticum. Hybridization...
Azaleodendron Martha Isaacson - Open Ground Plant
OPEN GROUND PLANT. These are some of the plants we have been growing in our trial beds and now need a good home. Please note these DO NOT come potted. An attractive plant with slightly fragrant white flowers that are striped pink. It is vigorous and is a rare cross of a rhododendron and azalea. Flowering in May, it has unusal evergreen foliage that is tinged deep maroon. Height 150cm in 10 years. Recommended...
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