Azaleodendrons are a group of hybrids between Deciduous Azaleas and Evergreen Rhododendrons. They are rarely offered elsewhere, but are generally fully hardy semi-evergreen shrubs which flower in late Spring and early Summer, sometimes delightfully scented. Azaleodendrons are quite variable, with some looking fairly evergreen, and others nearly deciduous in winter.

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Azaleodendron Glory of LittleworthAzaleodendron Glory of Littleworth
Azaleodendron Glory of Littleworth
A stunning plant with fragrant funnel-shaped flowers, opening cream, becoming milky white with conspicuous coppery orange blotch. Flowering in May, this is a superb semi-evergreen azalea-like shrub bred by crossing a rhododendron with an azalea. It can look a little untidy in the winter, but the flowers are wonderful. Height 150cm in 10 years. Recommended for spectacular flowers Plantsman range Group:...