Standard Rhododendrons were popular during the first half of the last century, and now we are finding renewed interest. We grow a limited range of  Rhododendrons and Azaleas as Standards, grown on a single straight stem to form a lollipop type head. There are various options for the heights of the stems, so please refer to the individual descriptions. These are ideal for patio pots or formal situations (and better looking than a Bay tree!).  They require a good stake at the time of planting to prevent any wind damage.

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Rhododendron Anuschka STANDARD
Rhododendron Anuschka STANDARD
(H7) Bright red buds open to gorgeous rosey pink flowers in late May. A lovely very hardy yakushimanum hybrid bred by Hachmann in Northern Germany. Attractive dark green foliage. Size of head in 10 years 75-100cm. Plant in ericaceous compost. This standard has been grafted on a straight stem at 80cm height.
Rhododendron Lupinenberg STANDARDRhododendron Lupinenberg STANDARD
Rhododendron Lupinenberg STANDARD
NEW. Purple buds open to deep mauve flowers with green yellow speckling, in late May. An excellent very hardy yak hybrid with the deepest mauve flowers. Bred in Northern Germany at Bohlken's Nursery, and as yet unregistered. Lupinenberg translates to 'Lupin Mountain'. Currently the size of the well-branched head is about 30cm, and it will grow to a spread of around 75cm in 10 years. Also known as...

Rhododendron Schneekrone  AGM   STANDARD
Rhododendron Schneekrone AGM STANDARD
A tough plant with white flowers tinged soft pink and spotted ruby red in a ball shaped truss of 12 to 17 flowers, each approximately 50mm. Flowering in May this is one of the best white yakushimanum hybrids for cold climates. Currently the size of the well-branched head is about 30cm, and it will grow to around 75cm in 10 years. Translated, this plant is 'Snow Crown' and it certainly is a real beauty. These...