Standard Rhododendrons were popular during the first half of the last century, and now we are finding renewed interest. We grow a limited range of  Rhododendrons and Azaleas as Standards, grown on a single straight stem to form a lollipop type head. There are various options for the heights of the stems, so please refer to the individual descriptions. These are ideal for patio pots or formal situations (and better looking than a Bay tree!).  They require a good stake at the time of planting to prevent any wind damage.

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Evergreen Azalea Elsie Lee AGM  STANDARDEvergreen Azalea Elsie Lee AGM  STANDARD
Evergreen Azalea Elsie Lee AGM STANDARD
Stunning double lilac-lavender flowers up to 60mm which last well, flowering in late May. A recent introduction and proving very popular, as this is a different colour to most other azaleas. A neat grower with a fairly upright habit, sometimes semi deciduous foliage. These Standards have a clear stem of approximately 50cm, with a head measuring approximately 15-20cm now. You can expect the head to...
Rhododendron Bloombux INKARHO STANDARDRhododendron Bloombux INKARHO STANDARD
Rhododendron Bloombux INKARHO STANDARD
(H6) Lots of clusters of soft pink flowers in June. Easy to grow in most soils. This superb new variety was raised by the INKARHO syndicate as 'Microhirs3' with PBR Plant Breeders Rights. It is suitable for growing on most garden soils, from very acidic up to pH7.5. It is grown under licence in Germany, and the first plants were released in 2014. It is a hybrid between two charming dwarf growing...

Rhododendron Fantastica  AGM  STANDARDRhododendron Fantastica  AGM  STANDARD
Rhododendron Fantastica AGM STANDARD
Stunning red flowers with a paler centre fading to an attractive pink in May. We think this is one of Hachmann's best hybrids and one of our favourites and now available as a Standard. It has lovely dark foliage which contrasts well with the flowers. These Standards have a clean stem of about 80cm and have been top-work grafted at that height, with a lollipop-like head of trimmed branches and flower...
Rhododendron Sneezy AGM STANDARDRhododendron Sneezy AGM STANDARD
Rhododendron Sneezy AGM STANDARD
This plant has very pretty pink flowers with darker edges flowering in late May. One of the 'Seven Dwarfs' yakushimanum hybrids and has a vigorous upright growing habit. Size of head 80-100cm in 10 years. These Standards have a clean stem of about 60cm and have been top-work grafted at that height, with a lollipop-like head of trimmed branches and flower buds. Standards will always require staking...