Small Leaved Rhododendrons

Small Leaved Rhododendrons such as cinnabarina and triflora will grow 75 - 150 cm in 10 years often with an upright habit. Their softer foliage and stunning bell shaped flowers mix well with larger rhododendrons. We have selected a range to avoid powdery mildew, but they do benefit from being planted where air circulates freely.

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Rhododendron Barnaby Sunset
Rhododendron Barnaby Sunset
Pretty pale yellow flowers in April. This plant has an upright habit with small oval deep green glossy foliage. Height 100-125cm in 10 years. Recommended for small gardens and mixed borders. Easy to grow. Ideal position: most garden situations, needs good drainage. Habit: upright. Group: Rhododendron hybrid. Parentage: unknown. Hybridization date: unknown (pre 1994). Bred...
Rhododendron Dora Amateis  AGM
Rhododendron Dora Amateis AGM
Very pale pink buds open to beautiful pure white flowers with pink markings. This is a very free flowering plant in April. It is a compact grower with small palish green leaves that turn bronze if grown in sun, growing wider than tall. Height 60-80cm in 10 years. This tough plant is very adaptable, performing well in both shade and sun, but the flowers will last longer if slightly shaded. Recommended...
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Rhododendron Praecox  AGMRhododendron Praecox  AGM
Rhododendron Praecox AGM
Early rosy lilac flowers liven up the garden during February - March. A lovely historic plant with dark green shiny leaves and an upright habit. Height 80-100cm in 10 years.Flower buds open well if cut and brought inside for indoor decoration.A tough plant with flowers which can tolerate a few degrees of frost, so it's well worth a place within the garden, but find some shelter for best flowering....
Rhododendron racemosum 'Rock Rose'  AGMRhododendron racemosum 'Rock Rose'  AGM
Rhododendron racemosum 'Rock Rose' AGM
An excellent selection with lovely medium pink flowers opening along the branches in April. It has a dense upright habit and tolerates drier conditions. Height 60-80cm in 10 years. This plant was selected by J B Stevenson of the famous Tower Court gardens, from seed collected by Rock (R11265). It was introduced by Hydon Nurseries in 1970. Recommended for pretty flowers. Easy to grow. Ideal position:...