There are two distinct types of Azaleas. Evergreen Azaleas, (sometimes called Japanese azaleas) keep their leaves in winter, and typically grow to 40-80cm (18"-30") in 10 years. Deciduous Azaleas are taller, reaching 120-150cm (4'-5') in 10 years, and lose their leaves in the autumn, often with some wonderful colours first. Both are members of the Rhododendron family.

Deciduous Azaleas originate from Turkey, America and Asiatic areas such as Japan and Taiwan. The yellow luteum from Turkey is as hardy and as popular as ever with its scented flowers, while the American species are more subtle and extend the flowering season into the summer. The Asiatic species are more delicate in habit and in flower, and all the more beautiful too. Best in partial shade, and perfect at the edge of woodland.

The plant collector E H Wilson introduced his famous Wilson’s 50 Evergreen Azaleas in 1920 having selected the best 50 Kurume azaleas from Japan. Since then, numerous hybrids have been bred around the world, some them not hardy enough for British conditions. We have selected good performers for a spectacular show every May.

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Deciduous Azalea albrechtii
Deciduous Azalea albrechtii
Very beautiful deep rose flowers 3-4cm across appear with the leaves in April - May. It has a lovely yellow autumn colour. Height 120-150cm after 10 years. It does like a fairly sunny position, is very hardy but early growth needs protection from frost.Named after Dr. M. Albrecht, a Russian naval surgeon. Recommended for stunning flowers and autumn colour. Easy to grow Ideal position: most garden...
Deciduous Azalea Denny's WhiteDeciduous Azalea Denny's White
Deciduous Azalea Denny's White
Dennys White has lovely white flowers with a faint yellow flash in mid June. Sweetly scented and very floriferous. It has a compact habit and lovely deep green glossy leaves. Raised by Denny Pratt, famous for his late flowering azaleas. Height 140-160cm in 10 years. Requires a fairly sunny position. Recommended for beautiful and highly scented flowers. Easy to grow. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Pratt...

Deciduous Azalea Klondyke  AGMDeciduous Azalea Klondyke  AGM
Deciduous Azalea Klondyke AGM
Red orange in bud opening to one of the best bright golden yellow flowers in May - June. This fine deciduous azalea has coppery red new growth and good autumn colour. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Requires a fairly sunny position. Recommended for one of the best yellow flowers. Easy to grow. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Exbury hybrid). Parentage: unknown Hybridization date: pre 1950 (1947). Bred...
Deciduous Azalea luteum
Deciduous Azalea luteum
Absolutely stunning and still one of the most popular highly scented yellow azaleas. Flowering in May this deciduous azalea has striking autumn yellow and orange leaf colour. A must for every garden and one of our favourites. A lovely old species that has become naturalized in parts of the British Isles and was very important in the development of the Ghent hybrids. Height 120-150cm in 10 years. Some...