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Evergreen Azalea Martha HitchcockEvergreen Azalea Martha Hitchcock
Evergreen Azalea Martha Hitchcock
(H6) Distinctive huge pinky magenta flowers with a prominent paler pink centre and darker spotting on the upper lobes. Really striking 75mm wide flowers during May, sometimes only magenta, and with or without the darker spotting. This azalea has an open spreading habit, and can be a little shy in flowering when young. Given warmer summer conditions, it is an excellent performer and well worth growing....
Evergreen Azalea RosaEvergreen Azalea Rosa
Evergreen Azalea Rosa
(H6) Very attractive large star-shaped pink hose-in-hose (double) flowers. Flowering in May this is an easy and strong growing plant with a fairly upright habit. Height 60-80cm in 10 years. Ideal for small gardens and mixed borders. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (Kurume hybrid). Parentage: unknown. Hybridization date: unknown but certainly before 1958. Bred by: unknown. Origin: unknown. Habit:...
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Evergreen Azalea Valentine SurpriseEvergreen Azalea Valentine Surprise
Evergreen Azalea Valentine Surprise
Stunning large apricot pink flowers, almost white in the centre, giving a distinct two tone effect. Flowering in May this is a recent introduction which is becoming very popular, especially for that special day in February! Great winter foliage on a compact plant with a spreading habit. Height 60cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers. Great for cascading over walls. Easy to grow. Group: Evergreen...
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