Evergreen Azaleas

Evergreen Azaleas, sometimes known as Japanese Azaleas, are as popular as ever, and are ideal for any size of garden from a window box to a large estate. Most Azaleas flower in May and grow to 60-75 cm in 10 years, but look out for our speciality late flowering nakaharae Azaleas which are prostrate, and excellent for cascading over walls or tubs.  

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Evergreen Azalea Amoena
Evergreen Azalea Amoena
This is a rare old variety, but one we get asked for quite regularly as it is now so unusual. It was introduced to the UK in 1850 by Robert Fortune from Shanghai, but believed to have originated in Japan. It has small reddish purple hose in hose flowers in May. An attractive and historic colouring with a tall spreading habit. Height 50-75cm in 10 years. Ideal for smaller gardens and mixed borders. Easy...
Evergreen Azalea CoranyEvergreen Azalea Corany
Evergreen Azalea Corany
Delightful smaller rose pink flowers with a darker centre that flowers in May. This is a dense and compact plant with a good habit. Ideal for front of border or for growing in containers. Height 50cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens, including rock gardens and front of borders. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (Kurume hybrid). Parentage: unknown Hybridization date: unknown. Bred...

Evergreen Azalea Geisha PurpleEvergreen Azalea Geisha Purple
Evergreen Azalea Geisha Purple
Pretty small light reddish-purple hose in hose flowers (approximately 20mm) in May which are very floriferous. A very hardy compact growing plant bred to withstand the cold in Germany. Height and spread 40-60cm in 10 years. Also known as Geisha Purpurrosa and registered name is Fumiko W.Arends, (descendant of astilbe botanist Georg Arends (1863-1952)), bred the Geisha series of evergreen azaleas...
Evergreen Azalea KermesinaEvergreen Azalea Kermesina
Evergreen Azalea Kermesina
Wonderful deep pink small flowers cover the whole plant in May. A very hardy and floriferous plant with a neat compact rounded habit. Height 50-60cm in 10 years. Also known as 'Kermesinum' and 'Pink Kiusianum'. Ideal for small gardens and profusion of flower. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (Northern European hybrid). Parentage: unknown Hybridization date: pre 2000 (registered in 1958...

Evergreen Azalea WillyEvergreen Azalea Willy
Evergreen Azalea Willy
Large clear electric pink flowers in May. This is a vigorous tough old variety, with light autumn tints. Height 60-75cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (kaempferi hybrid). Parentage: unknown. Hybridization date: pre 2000 (before 1939). Bred by: C.G. van Nes & Sons. Origin: Dutch. Habit: Upright. Ideal position: Most...
Evergreen Azalea Wombat  AGMEvergreen Azalea Wombat  AGM
Evergreen Azalea Wombat AGM
Large bright cerise pink flowers up to 50mm, which are long lasting during June. An excellent hardy introduction from Scotland which forms a neat prostrate low mounded shape. Height and spread of 40-60cm in 10 years. Ideal for rock gardens and cascading over walls and to extend the flowering season. Easy to grow. Group: Evergreen Azalea (nakaharae hybrid). Parentage: nakaharae 'Mariko' X 'Gaiety' Hybridization...