Big Leaved Rhododendrons

Wonderful architectural plants with huge leaves up to 60cm long! These are choice woodland Rhododendrons needing the very best sheltered positions to allow them to grow to their full stature of up to 5 metres. As a bonus, flowering will typically start after 6 years.

Big leaved Rhododendrons are among the more tender of our range, but are well worth trying if you have the correct conditions. They are best suited to sheltered woodland in the milder regions of the UK, though they can also be used as feature plants in sheltered courtyard gardens. Winter protection is recommended for young plants.

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Rhododendron falconeri ssp. eximium  AGMRhododendron falconeri ssp. eximium  AGM
Rhododendron falconeri ssp. eximium AGM
This is a wonderful large shrub with deep red flaking bark and wonderful broad leaves up to 45cm long with a dark rust indumentum beneath. It has gorgeous creamy rose pink flowers fading to creamy pink in big trusses of 12 to 20 cm in 10 years. Another of our favourite big leaf species with distinctive young foliage covered in rusty brown indumentum on the upper surface which lasts for up to one year.Named...
Rhododendron macabeanum  AGMRhododendron macabeanum  AGM
Rhododendron macabeanum AGM
This is one of the finest big leaved Rhododendrons for sheltered gardens. Huge yellow flowers often blotched purple with bright red stigma in trusses of up to 30 flowers flowering in April. The huge shiny leaves (up to 38cm long x 20cm across) have a wonderful thick woolly fawn indumentum on the underside. It has distinctive silvery young growth with lovely bright red bud scales. Probably one of the...

Rhododendron Rexima
Rhododendron Rexima
(H5) An interesting foliage plant, combining the winning traits of R. yakushimanum and R. rex. Lilac pink in bud, opening white with a dark red basal blotch and markings in May. Large dark green leaves with brown indumentum on the undersides, which have been inherited from the big leaved R. rex, but growing in a useful compact habit due its yakushimanum parentage. Height 100-125cm in 10 years. •...
Rhododendron sinogrande  AGMRhododendron sinogrande  AGM
Rhododendron sinogrande AGM
Massive creamy yellow flowers with crimson blotch in trusses of 15 to 20cm in size. This one is worth growing for its architectural foliage alone! The large leaves are up to 75cm long and are shiny and dark green on hte upper surface, with a shiny silvery to fawn indumentum on the underside. One of our favourites! Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Big leaf Rhododendron species have great architectural...

Rhododendron suoilenhense      (seedlings from AC 4458)
Rhododendron suoilenhense (seedlings from AC 4458)
Picture of a 3 litre plant for illustrative purposes only (GRANDIA H4-5) Recently collected from Vietnam. Creamy white campanulate flowers with maroon basal flashes, in a rounded truss, April. Large foliage with indumentum on older leaves. Early intoductions to the UK have produced tall, majestic and fast growing trees when grown in good conditions. Height 150-175cm in 10 years. Requires moist acid...
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