End of season dead heading

End of season dead heading

 As the flowering season starts to wind down, don't forget to pinch out the old flower heads. This does two things, firstly it makes the plant look tidier, secondly and most importantly it allows the plant to put maximum effort back into producing new leaves and growth ready for next years flower buds.

After the flowers have started to droop, it is best to remove them. Pinch the flower out down to the first set of leaves, leaving and new leaf buds intact. The plant may look less full but will soon send up new leaf shoots, remember to keep watering them especially in hot weather.

A few weeks after removing the old flowers you should see lovely new leaf growth, each of which will set up next years flowers, making the plant appear much more compact and full.

Dont forget to give them a feed too, with a good quality slow release ericaceous fertiliser.


Posted by Vanessa Young
18th June 2019

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