Top tips for early Spring

Top tips for early Spring

The unseasonally cold weather for February is probably a blessing, as it will delay flowering, and hopefully they will miss some later spring frosts. Do keep some fleece to hand for any plants coming into flower during frosty weather.

The buds are swelling, and spring really is on its way, so now is a good time to be applying some Millais Nurseries Slow Release Ericaceous Fertilizer to encourage some good growth this season, especially on any plants looking a bit sick. So many nutrients have been washed out over the winter, that many plants are looking a bit starved and yellow, and they would benefit from more fertilizer.

Finish off winter tasks such such as brambling and mulching. Now is a good time if you want to hard prune or coppice your rhododendrons to give some more space, and to encourage new growth from the base. See our Advice Centre for more information.





Posted by Iconography Ltd
27th February 2018
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