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Rhododendron viridescens 'Doshong La'
Rhododendron viridescens 'Doshong La'
An excellent selected clone with pale yellow flowers flushed rose, with olive green flecking in June. R. viridescens Doshong La has glaucous blue new leaves on a compact and interesting plant. Height 60-80cm in 10 years.This is a rare plant that will be of particular interest to collectors. The seed was collected by Frank Kingdon Ward, KW 5289. This clone was selected and named by Peter Cox, in 1972....
Evergreen Azalea Purpurtraum  AGMEvergreen Azalea Purpurtraum  AGM
Evergreen Azalea Purpurtraum AGM
Lovely small (35mm) but distictive mauve flowers which hide all the foliage in late May. This is a compact and tough variety from Northern Germany. Height 50-60cm in 10 years. David Millais thought so much of this plant when he saw for the first time that he brought it back from Germany in his flight bag! Ideal for containers and small gardens, including rock gardens and front of borders. Easy...

Evergreen Azalea Scout
Evergreen Azalea Scout
(H5) Large light purplish pink flowers in late April and early May. A Glenn Dale Azalea from America which grows broader than tall in habit. A good strong growing plant. Height 50-75cm in 10 years.
Rhododendron pachytrichum 'Sesame'Rhododendron pachytrichum 'Sesame'
Rhododendron pachytrichum 'Sesame'
This selection has lovely white bell shaped flowers that are tinged purple in March and April. It has noticable brown shaggy hairs on young branchlets and petioles. pachytrichum Sesame is easy to grow but it's early young growth and flowers may need shelter from cold wind and frosts. Height 120 cm in 10 years. Recommended for distinctive foliage and stunning early flowers. Easy to grow. Ideal...
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Deciduous Azalea prinophyllum Philip HolmesDeciduous Azalea prinophyllum Philip Holmes
Deciduous Azalea prinophyllum Philip Holmes
(H6) Clove scented rosy pink flowers appearing in clusters with the leaves in May. A choice selection named after the wonderfully knowledgeable senior gardener at Nymans, the National Trust garden in Sussex. A hardy plant originally from the mountains of Eastern USA. Height and spread 120-150cm in 10 years. Recommended for wonderful fragrant flowers. Easy to grow. Ideal position: most garden...
Deciduous Azalea prunifolium 'August Fire'
Deciduous Azalea prunifolium 'August Fire'
Known as the 'Plumleaf Azalea'. A remarkable fairly tall plant with late deep orange red flowers in July and August. It grows best in some shade to preserve the flowers from the summer sun. Originates from Georgia, America. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Recommended to extend the flowering season. Easy to grow. Ideal position: most garden situations, with some shade. Habit: upright. Group: Deciduous...

Deciduous Azalea Summer SunshineDeciduous Azalea Summer Sunshine
Deciduous Azalea Summer Sunshine
NEW! Beautiful creamy yellow flowers with a prominent dark yellow blotch on the upper lobe and interesting crinkly edged flowers. A super fragrant plant with long lasting flowers in June. It will perform best in light shade. Height 120-150cm in 10 years. Another Denny Pratt hybrid that was collect by Ted Millais from Dunham Massey National Trust garden where it was labelled 'DP122A'. Recommended...
Rhododendron President RooseveltRhododendron President Roosevelt
Rhododendron President Roosevelt
(H6) Conical trusses of bright red flowers fading to white in the centre. May. Probably the most popular variegated variety. Thick glossy leaves with bold flashes of bright yellow. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Needs shelter from wind.

Rhododendron Purple PassionRhododendron Purple Passion
Rhododendron Purple Passion
Wonderful large reddish purple flowers (50 x 75mm) with a white blotch and purple spots, and darker at the edges, 12-16 flowers on a ball shaped truss. Flowering in late May this is a good hardy plant with pest and disease resistant foliage. Height 150-175cm in 10 years. Recommended for: reliable hardy plant. Easy to grow. Ideal position: Most garden situations. Habit: Dense. vase shaped. Group:...
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Rhododendron Scintillation AGMRhododendron Scintillation AGM
Rhododendron Scintillation AGM
Wonderful large pastel-pink flowers with a yellow brown flare. Flowering in mid May this is an excellent very hardy hybrid with deep green glossy leaves. It is heat and cold tolerant and most suitable for hedging and screening. It does prefer a position in light shade. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Recommended for: Hedging/screening. Easy to grow. Ideal position: Dappled shade. Habit: Dense. Group:...
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Rhododendron Snow Fire
Rhododendron Snow Fire
(H6) A recent and much admired German variety. Pure white flowers with a prominent red-orange flare in the centre. Late May. Good compact habit with dark green foliage. Height 75-90cm height in 10 years.Registered as Bohlken's Snow Fire.
Rhododendron Silver EdgeRhododendron Silver Edge
Rhododendron Silver Edge
An interesting variegated plant with distinctive silver leaf edging. It has soft lavender blue flowers in May to June. A dense and fast growing, tough plant. Height 180+ cm in 10 years.This plant is ideal for hedging and screening. It is vigorous and tolerates sun. Recommended for: Hedging/screening. Easy to grow. Ideal position: Most garden situations. Habit: Dense. Group: Hardy Hybrid. Parentage:...
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