Plants make wonderful presents for all gardeners, some have great names for that special occasion such as Silver Anniversary, or even Grumpy!

Once you have selected your items, you will have the opportunity to add a Gift message at the checkout. We can handwrite a card with your message, to make your gift all the more personal. There's also space in the Comment box to enter any special dates and we will deliver as close as possible, from Tuesday to Friday.

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Camellia Ruby Wedding  AGM
Camellia Ruby Wedding AGM
(H5) 'Ruby Wedding' is a dense, evergreen shrub,with glossy, dark green, elliptic leaves and in spring, bright red, anemone to peony-form, double flowers. Vigorous, upright bush. Height 125-150cm in 10 years. Suitable for woodland and acidic soils. Position in a site sheltered from cold, dry winds and early morning sun as buds and flowers may be damaged by cold winds and late frosts.
Evergreen Azalea Dear GrandadEvergreen Azalea Dear Grandad
Evergreen Azalea Dear Grandad
NEW! Huge glowing orange flowers up to 80mm across with an attractive frilly edge. It flowers in mid to late May and is perfect as a present for Grandad! Height 55 - 70cm in 10 years. Raised by the late Dorset Azalea breeder, George Hyde and introduced by his daughter Rosemary Legrand. Ideal for containers and small gardens, including rock gardens and front of borders. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen...

Evergreen Azalea Mothers Day  AGMEvergreen Azalea Mothers Day  AGM
Evergreen Azalea Mothers Day AGM
Another one of our favourite plants with bright red hose-in-hose (double) flowers that have a faint brown spotting. It flowers in early to mid May. A very popular and easy growing plant with good glossy foliage. Height 60-80cm in 10 years. Also known as 'Muttertag'. A great gift for Mum! Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (Kurume hybrid). Parentage:...
Magnolia Golden Gift
Magnolia Golden Gift
(H5) Deep yellow flowers which are borne in abundance. Later flowering avoids most frosts, and last well in spring. Best grown as multi stemmed shrub ideal for small gardens. Height 2.5 metres in 10 years. Best in rich well drained soils. Perfect for that 'Golden couple'!

Rhododendron Birthday GirlRhododendron Birthday Girl
Rhododendron Birthday Girl
A really lovely plant that has deep pink buds which open to large clear pink flowers. Flowering in May, this is a dense and compact hybrid with deep green leaves. Choice plant from the famous Exbury Gardens. Ideal for a special birthday present! Height 80-100cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group: yakushimanum. Parentage: yakushimanum (s) X white form of catawbiense. Hybridization...
Rhododendron DocRhododendron Doc
Rhododendron Doc
Pretty pink wavy edged flowers fading to white in May. This is another plant in the 'Seven Dwarf' series of compact Rhododendrons that were raised by Waterer's Nurseries in the early 1970's. Height 70-90cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group: yakushimanum. Parentage: yakushimanum X 'Corona' Hybridization date: pre 2000 (1970) Bred by Waterer Nurseries, bagshot....

Rhododendron Golden Everest
Rhododendron Golden Everest
NEW! Stunning soft light red in bud opening to strong yellow bell shaped flowers with a discrete reddish blotch. An extraordinary flower in May/June. Good foliage with an upright habit. It needs a sheltered position with protection from late frosts. Height 80cm and spread 90cm in 10 years. Like all yellow varieties it requires good drainage and moist acid soil. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy...
Rhododendron Silver Jubilee  AGMRhododendron Silver Jubilee  AGM
Rhododendron Silver Jubilee AGM
Silver Jubilee has large trusses of sparkling greenish white flowers with a crimson eye. Flowering in June, this plant is an excellent hybrid from the old Hydon Nurseries near Godalming. It has attractive glossy pale green leaves, but can be a little shy to flower when young; - worth waiting for! Height 80-100cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group: yakushimanum. Parentage:...
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