Uncle Tom's Plant Tonic

Uncle Tom's Plant Tonic


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Rhododendron gardeners now have the opportunity to benefit from the simple power of potassium phosphite, a nature-identical plant food. For several years, we have used potassium phosphite (as well as potassium phosphate) to green up our plants, promote flowering and toughen them up for the winter. It has been widely used by professional growers and the results have prompted recommendations from many leading advisors.

Uncle Tom's® Plant Tonic is translocated rapidly to all parts of the plant, through both leaves and roots, and delivers the essential elements of phosphorus and potassium, swiftly to where they are most needed. The improved uptake of P&K counteracts the effects of soil fixation to optimise plant growth conditions, especially at times of rapid growth. It helps plants green up quickly, yet contains no nitrogen, which often gives lush growth prone to disease. Independent research has shown that potassium phosphite is one of the building blocks of life itself, and provided it is pure it can promote healthy plant growth and improve the yield and quality of almost every crop grown in the world.

Potassium phosphite is extensively used to encourage healthy plants and good fruiting in commercial crops such as avocado and orange.

It is highly concentrated, so a bottle goes a long way. Dilute by at least 1:100 (ie 10ml tonic in at least 1 litre of water over 10 square metres) and use as a plant drench or foliar spray every few weeks in the summer. The bottle is easy to use as it contains its own measuring system.

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Size: Pack 500ml

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Size: Pack 1litre

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