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Evergreen Azalea stenopetalum 'Linearifolium'Evergreen Azalea stenopetalum 'Linearifolium'
Evergreen Azalea stenopetalum 'Linearifolium'
Unusual long, narrow strap-like leaves and flowers, which are rose-lilac, with darker markings flowering in April-May. stenopetalum Linearifolium is very distinctive. However, the stems and branches are brittle, and require protection from wind, frost & passing dogs! Height 40-60cm in 10 years. Ideal for stunning foliage. Plantsman range. Group: Evergreen Azalea (stenopetalum hybrid). Parentage:...
Evergreen Azalea Tit WillowEvergreen Azalea Tit Willow
Evergreen Azalea Tit Willow
Pretty small (30mm) lavender flowers with slight speckling and long white stamens. This plant flowers in April and May with a broad habit. Height 50-75cm in 10 years. As a young plant, it can look a bit sparse after winter, but it always bushes up well in the spring and it develops into a dense plant after a year or two. A lovely colour! Ideal for mixed borders and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group:...

Evergreen Azalea WillyEvergreen Azalea Willy
Evergreen Azalea Willy
Large clear electric pink flowers in May. This is a vigorous tough old variety, with light autumn tints. Height 60-75cm in 10 years. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Easy to grow. Group:Evergreen Azalea (kaempferi hybrid). Parentage: unknown. Hybridization date: pre 2000 (before 1939). Bred by: C.G. van Nes & Sons. Origin: Dutch. Habit: Upright. Ideal position: Most...
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