Rhododendrons originate mainly from the Himalayas where about 600 different Rhododendron species can be found. These range from those in the Tender section at lower elevations around 2500 metres. Big Leaved Species with their massive leaves up to 75cm long, grow in conifer forests around 3000metres. Further up the mountains as the tree line thins towards 3500m, a wide range of interesting Species and Small Leaved Rhododendrons can be found sheltering amongst Juniper and alpine meadows. Above 3500m, Dwarf Rhododendrons grow in alpine conditions with snow cover for much of the year.

From these humble beginnings, plant breeders have developed more and more exotic hybrids over the past 100 years, with about 20,000 registered varieties. We have selected the best, and these Tall and Compact hybrids are perfect for any garden situation.

If you would like some re-assurance before buying, just see some our recent TESTIMONIALS:here.

  • Dwarf Rhododendrons

    Dwarf Rhododendrons

    Tough alpine Rhododendrons for the front of borders which mainly flower in April...

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  • Compact Rhododendrons

    Compact Rhododendrons

    Dome-shaped plants ideal for pots and small borders, growing to 75-100cm (2.5-3 ...

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  • Tall Hybrid Rhododendrons

    Tall Hybrid Rhododendrons

    Our best selling Rhododendrons, ideal for hedges and large displays, growing to ...

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  • Species Rhododendrons

    Species Rhododendrons

    Species Rhododendrons often have wonderful foliage, but are fairly specialist an...

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  • Small Leaved Rhododendrons

    Small Leaved Rhododendrons

    Small Leaved Rhododendrons such as cinnabarina and triflora will grow 75 - 150 c...

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  • Big Leaved Rhododendrons

    Big Leaved Rhododendrons

    Wonderful architectural plants with huge leaves up to 60cm long! These are choic...

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  • Lime Tolerant Rhododendrons

    Lime Tolerant Rhododendrons

    These are the plants which we have featured in our recent RHS Chelsea Flower...

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  • Tender Rhododendrons

    Tender Rhododendrons

    Tender (maddenia) Rhododendrons are suitable for the cold greenhouse and mild ar...

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  • Standards


    Standard Rhododendrons were popular during the first half of the last century, a...

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